About Automobile Society India

The Automobile Society India (www.automobilesociety.ac.in) is a registered society in Bangalore pioneering the cause of improving the career opportunities for the automotive engineers in India. The society consists of renowned academicians, members from the automotive industry & various faculty members of different Automobile Engineering institutions. It’s a professional organization looking after the interest of the Automotive Engineers who are engaged in the Automobile field. It was established to work towards the welfare of the automobile engineers in India.
In the recent times, the society has been striving hard to ensure further education and opportunity to improve upon the portfolio of the members and help them improve the career prospects. The members of the society learn and excel with the different initiatives taken up by the society directed towards the improvement of the career graphs of the automobile engineers who are part of our society. We work towards offering them with the best opportunity and learning platform to enhance their skills and knowledge base for sharpening their futuristic goals. The Automobile society will provide its members with further education and opportunity to enhance their existing automobile knowledge base. It will be a dynamic two-way procedure helping the members to harness their skills through a chain of workshops, symposiums, and congresses that will be held by other member societies worldwide and local.
The members will be encouraged and required to represent and participate in such practical learning sessions. The key aspect catered to by the society is to provide an ongoing process of learning and nurturing their skills with dedicated theoretical and practical exposure. It is important for the members of the automobile society to travel on a path where there is continuous growth and self-learning in guidance of automotive industry experts and the best brains in automobile engineering study. This ever growing process of learning and skill development by the Automobile Society is an ode to the continuous efforts being made by the Society of Automotive Engineering on the global arena. The Automobile Society is bringing learning and nurturing closer to home with a chain of events and learning sessions to benefit the upcoming automobile engineers in India and works towards the development of future prospects for the same in the rapidly growing automobile industry.