General Rules

The students admitted to the institutes will be governed by the conduct and discipline rules of the institutes as laid down from time to time All members should display their identity cards prominently and it should be produced to the security if required Discipline should be observed strictly inside the university

Using of Cell Phones inside the library & class is prohibited

A member shall be responsible for any damage done by him/her to the University properties. He/she will be required to replace the damaged property Misbehaviour in the university will lead to cancellation of admission and also lead to serious disciplinary action

Any marking or writing inside the classes or on the walls by the students is strictly prohibited.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the decision of the authorities of the University in all matters shall be final and binding All important instructions, notices will be displayed on the notice board of institute. The student must develop habit of seeing notice boards regularly. Failure to read notice will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance of instructions. Smoking, chewing of tobacco, gutka and other elements are strictly prohibited in the institutes/campus

For ID Cards

Loss of ID cards should be reported immediately to the University and ID Number has to be blocked in the university to avoid misuse of the card Duplicate cards will be issued by the concerned department on payment of applicable fine through Demand Draft in favour of NEFTU – Examinations” for all members on giving an undertaking that they will continue to be held responsible for any loss arising from inadvertent use or misuse of the card lost. All final year students should get “No Dues Certificate” (NOC) from the University Library. The Course Completion/Mark Sheet, Degree Certificate will be given only on production of the NOC from the University. Similarly, the staff members who intend to leave the University should settle all the dues including the ID cards and obtain a “No Dues Certificate” (NOC) from the University.


All government/ University holidays will be observed.

Examination Rules Scheduling of Examination for various programmes

The University shall hold examinations for all such academic programmes as are approved by the Academic Council and as it may notify from time to time for awarding Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degrees, Under-Graduate/Post-Graduate Diplomas, as the case may be, as per the prescribed Schemes of Teaching & Examinations and Syllabi approved by the Academic Council.

Eligibility to appear in the examination

Examinations of the University shall be open to regular students who have undergone a course of study in the University, for a period specified for that programme of study in the Scheme of Teaching & Examination and Syllabi. Provided that the Academic Council may allow any other category of candidates to take the University Examination for any specified academic programme subject to the fulfilment of such conditions as may be laid down by the Academic Council from time to time

Examination Fees

University shall notify the fees payable by the students for various examinations, after the same is approved by the competent authority. A student who has not Paid the prescribed fees by the prescribed date shall not ordinarily be eligible to appear in the examination. The Vice-Chancellor may at his discretion, in Certain cases of genuine hardship, grant extension in the last date of payment of fees. The result of such students shall, however, be withheld till such time all The dues are cleared.

Attendance Rules:

A student is expected to maintain full attendance in all courses. Considering the fact that a student may be absent due to ill-health or some family emergency, he/she is permitted to maintain a minimum attendance of 85% without producing any proof for the absence. For leave of absence between 85% and 75% of attendance, the student must inform the School in advance and seek permission for absence. The Dean on the recommendation of the Program Chair, will forward such cases to the Proctor’s Office for a final decision. In case of medical exigencies, the student/ parent should inform the Proctor immediately with proof from the doctor and obtain the consent within a week, starting from the day of absence. Any leave (of absence) without the consent of the Dean will be treated as unauthorized absence. It will not be provided with any concession for fulfilling the requirement of a minimum of 85% attendance. Students taking leave with the consent of Dean up to 25% (i.e. maintaining a minimum of 75% attendance in each course) will be permitted to appear in the exam. The standard Leave Form may be used to obtain the prior consent of the Proctor. Only those students who are nominated/ sponsored by the University to represent in various forums like seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ competitions or taking part in co-curricular/ extra-curricular / placement related activities will be given ‘On Duty (OD)’ credit provided the student applies in writing for such a leave in advance and obtains sanction from the concerned Dean through respective faculty coordinators. Students who do not meet the requirement of 85% attendance will be notified by the school. Dean of the school will have the right to recommend removal of their names from such list based on the leave and OD forms collected earlier. Any claim by a student who has not obtained prior consent of the Dean concerned for absence between 75% and 85% of attendance will not be accepted at a later date and such claims will be rejected by the Dean of the School.