Message from Pro-Chancellor


I am delighted that you are considering a career with the North East Frontier Technical University. North East Frontier Technical University brings together world-class experts to develop solutions for how humankind addresses the challenges of life in our changing environment, the NEFTU will act as a focal point for integrating research disciplines to address complex global problems. In developing new ideas and promoting lasting knowledge we are creating an academic environment where outstanding students and scholars from around the world can be inspired to excel in their programs of study and research. Partnerships with both local and global communities allow NEFTU to share knowledge, debate and research outcomes. NEFTU’s public events include concert performances, open days and public forums on issues such as the environment, healthcare and global politics. NEFTU provides a range of key social and economic initiatives that benefit the community and reinforce our close ties. This range from providing services and funding research that enhances the health and well-being of the community and assisting school students from low socio-economic backgrounds qualify for higher education, to developing major infrastructure that will generate significant employment opportunities for the region and stimulate economic development for future generation. I hope you are inspired by our vision, and the opportunity to join us in our quest to become India’s most distinctive university

Rakesh Dahiya